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Windows Server on Azure

Custom Azure Solutions: Private ChatGPT

SQL Server on AzureVM's

Key Consulting Offerings:

AI-Powered Migration Analysis: AzureBoost AI's intelligent workload assessment ensures that businesses can migrate to Azure with confidence, optimizing resources and costs from day one.

Marketplace Integration: Our seamless integration with Windows Server Marketplace offerings enhances the Azure experience, enabling businesses to utilize their existing infrastructure within the cloud environment.

Strategic Growth: We provide a scalable solution that grows with your business, ensuring that as your needs evolve, your Azure infrastructure does too.


Custom AI Development

Custom AI Software Development Services

Derek Coleman Associates Corporation offers custom software development services, including the development of web and mobile applications, to meet the specific needs of its clients.


Licensing Deployment

Licensing and Deployment for M365 and D365

Derek Coleman Associates Corporation provides licensing and deployment services for M365 and D365, including the procurement and deployment of licenses and the integration of M365 and D365 with existing systems.


Technology Design

Technology Design and Consulting for In-Premise Infrastructure

Derek Coleman Associates Corporation provides technology design and consulting services for in-premise infrastructure, including the design and implementation of in-premise infrastructure solutions and the optimization of in-premise infrastructure for performance and cost.


Cloud Adoption Framework

A Framework for Cloud Adoption

Derek Coleman Associates Corporation provides a framework for cloud adoption, including a structured approach to cloud adoption and a set of best practices for cloud adoption.

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Custom Development

Custom Software Development Services:



Custom Web Development

Developing web applications to meet specific needs



Mobile Application Development

Developing mobile applications to enhance user experience



Technology Integration

Integrating custom software with existing systems for seamless operation

Cloud Adoption Framework

Blueprinting Your Path to the Cloud



Cloud Migration Strategy

Developing a structured approach to cloud migration



Cloud optimization services

Optimizing cloud infrastructure for performance and cost



Cloud Security Solutions

Implementing security measures to protect cloud data and infrastructure

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